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Mass & Void Architects, Interior and Landscape Consulting


Siliguri, West Bengal


Coordinated BIM Model along with Quantity Takeoff

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Founded in Baroda, Gujarat, in 2005, Mass & Void Architect, Interior & Landscape Consulting is focused on consulting, designing, and developing architecture and interiors.

One of India’s most reputable architectural and interior design firms, Mass & Void Architect, Interior & Landscape Consulting has worked in the real estate sector for over a decade, with projects across Central, Western, Southern, and other regions of Eastern & Northeast India. Their portfolio spans over 50 completed residential, commercial, hospitality, educational, and industrial projects, and more than 100 in the design and construction phases.

Centric to their ethos is the aim for sustainable development rooted in human and environmental relationships. At Mass & Void Architect, Interior & Landscape Consulting, the designers emphasize the context of people’s creative and personal lives. Their practice places comfort, affordability, and function at the core of projects.

Before adopting BIM and VDC for their projects, the organization struggled on many fronts. There were many queries, miscommunication, and a lack of coordination between the planning and site teams. Aspects of the construction in drawings were often not translated on the site due to issues in coordinating service, structural, and architectural drawings.

With the adoption of BIM, coordination aspects are better handled right from day one. Site teams are better prepared to understand and implement construction drawings. Clashes are readily identified and resolved much earlier. Changes are immediately reflected, and all teams are updated in real-time.

For these solutions, Mass & Void Architect, Interior & Landscape Consulting sought the assistance of 5DVDC Services LLP, who employed BIM technologies made possible by Autodesk Construction Cloud to streamline project delivery throughout the construction lifecycle. The digital-first construction consultants
are helping several AEC businesses utilize BIM to their maximum potential.

Project Goals

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The following goals were defined based on the client’s major business outcomes and planned business improvement, 5D VDC objectives, and SMART project management principles:

 Setting and maintaining the accuracy and quality of design deliverables.
 Completing various design stages within the allotted time and financial parameters.
 Producing accurate 3D visualization of projects for clearer understanding and coordination with various stakeholders.
 Streamlining efforts and minimizing clashes by effectively visualizing project outcomes early on.
 Ensuring environmentally sustainable and resource-efficient construction practices through material and construction choices, environmental analysis of design options, and detailed BOQs.


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For a consolidated repository of construction data, 5D VDC deployed Autodesk’s Architecture Engineering & Construction (AEC) Collection in conjunction with Autodesk Construction Cloud & Autodesk Assemble System. The Autodesk Construction Cloud offers a comprehensive selection of BIM and CAD tools
supported by the cloud-based common data environment Autodesk Docs, making it easier to deliver projects from the early stages of design through construction.

The following are the primary service advantages of Autodesk products and solutions that were successfully utilized to meet the project goals that were specified:

 Producing high-performing building and infrastructure designs using conceptual and specific design methodologies.
 Utilizing technology to coordinate projects and maximize constructability to improve field predictability.
 Improving quality by utilizing integrated document management, conceptual design, modelling, coordination, and documentation processes
 Automating procedures to quicken data exchange and cut down on design time.
 Centralization of all project data for quick, easy, and controlled information transfer to reduce mistakes and rework.

Business Outcome

Describe how the Autodesk Solution(s) and Provider Services delivered have been most successful considering the featured customer’s priority business requirements and critical workflows.

Beyond merely introducing new construction technologies, 5D VDC relies on sophisticated BIM systems and applications to deliver improved business outcomes. The emphasis is on data-driven project collaboration. This helps render the benefits of improved design accuracy and quality for architectural
practices like Mass & Void Architect, Interior & Landscape Consulting, reduce errors and ensure more seamless and efficient coordination. In contrast to project owners and contractors, architectural practices like Mass & Void Architect, Interior & Landscape Consulting also stand to benefit from BIM and BIM services, with direct impacts in the form of cost and time savings, better visualization, clash detection, and environmental analysis.

5D VDC also helps project participants communicate in a shared language where all necessary information is clear and accessible. Issues are resolved pro-actively and cooperatively, which benefits the client by increasing productivity, efficiency, speed, and resource optimization.

One of the most visible business outcomes was in the form of enhanced productivity for the Mass & Void Architect, Interior & Landscape Consulting team in terms of project planning, documentation, and implementation. At the same time, the visibility of changes, updates, comments, and clashes has also
improved, making project planning and implementation more easily manageable by all stakeholders.

Another benefit is seen in the area of project progress. Earlier, the entire project moved forward in siloes, waiting for one stage (say site inspection or development) to be completed before any updates in drawings could be made. This has changed with the introduction of digital construction, where parallel
developments and drawing updates can be made and shared in real-time.


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Mass & Void Architect, Interior & Landscape Consulting had inherent obstacles in their construction projects earlier, which 5D VDC was able to overcome by harnessing the many advantages of advanced 3D modelling and end-to-end BIM services. Additionally, they assisted in meeting schedule and cost requirements while delivering a framework for design process management that was greatly enhanced.

Because of a transparent approach, clearly defined project goals and standards, a knowledgeable and tech-savvy 5D VDC team, and the usage of cutting-edge technology solutions like Autodesk’s AEC Collection and BIM360 Documents, the engagement was special and meaningful for the client.

“With improved coordination for all aspects of the project implementation on ground, we can now ensure error-free, timely, and cost-effective delivery of projects,” shares Ranajit Dey, Architect, “Mass & Void Architect, Interior & Landscape Consulting“ The high accuracy of 3D models representing the real
construction progress as-is is also making it easier to communicate with our clients and developers. They can envision how the project will eventually look, share their inputs at critical stages regarding construction, services, and design,” he adds.

“This is giving our team a major confidence boost because we know our work is seamless, on-time, and error-free. The use of such advanced technology is also helping us scale our business not just by saving us more time to take up new projects but… Click To Tweet