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Wallfort Group


Raipur, Madhya Pradesh


Coordinated BIM Model along with Quantity Takeoff and ERP Integration

Customer Challenge

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Wallfort Group is one of central India’s most admired real estate brands, operating in five important industries: real estate, jewellery, ferroalloys, financial services, and wealth management.

The brand name of Wallfort is synonymous with quality, delivery, and transparency. With groundbreaking initiatives like Wallfort City, Wallfort Enclave I, and Wallfort Orchid, to name a few, Wallfort identifies and addresses the genuine needs of homeowners and occupants in today’s age.

Wallfort is now working on 35+ projects across Raipur and is a one-stop shop for all needs and budgets. As part of their new programme, they offer building services to clients who want to develop homes according to their unique needs, with the promise of affordable yet superior quality of service compared to other independent contractors.

Due to widespread reliance on 2D drawings and limited coordination among stakeholders earlier, Wallfort Group often faced challenges in pre-construction design and planning. Not being able to test the complete application in the initial stages led to gaps in understanding the project and problems in regression testing. It was also tough for different teams to understand and converge on the company processes.

This affected the Wallfort Group’s relationship with developers since testing was always under severe time constraints. These challenges led to high attrition rates and delays in planning, implementing, and completing projects.

To solve these challenges, Wallfort resorted to the support of 5D VDC Services LLP, who used BIM tools enabled by the Autodesk Construction Cloud & Autodesk Assemble System to facilitate project delivery from early-stage design to construction implementation.

With substantial VDC and BIM experience, the digital-first construction consultants successfully delivered on the promise of virtual design and construction throughout the construction life cycle and emerged as industry disruptors.

Project Goals

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The following objectives were established using SMART project management principles, 5D VDC objectives, and the client’s primary business outcomes and intended business improvement:

 Maintaining, controlling, and upgrading the quality of project deliverables.
 Finishing the project within the stipulated time and budget constraints.
 Effectively visualizing project results early on to streamline efforts.
 Making the best use of resources during construction.
 Avoiding, identifying, and resolving risks throughout the construction lifecycle; and
 Ensuring environmentally responsible and resource-efficient construction development.


Describe the Autodesk Solution(s) and Provider Services delivered that most impacted the stated project goals. Best practice to describe their specific solution and service benefits (up to 3) that most favourably impacted the stated project goals.

To fulfil and achieve the specified goals, 5D VDC installed Autodesk’s Architecture Engineering & Construction (AEC) Collection combined with Autodesk’s Construction Cloud and Autodesk Assemble System for a centralized repository of construction data. For designers, engineers, and contractors, The
Autodesk Construction Cloud and Autodesk Assemble System provides a complete range of BIM and CAD tools supported by the cloud-based common data environment Autodesk Docs, easing project delivery from early-stage design through construction.

The following are the main service benefits of these Autodesk products and solutions that were effectively used to achieve the specified project goals:

  •  Using conceptual and specific design techniques to produce high-performing building and infrastructure designs.
     Using technologies for maximum constructability and project coordination to increase predictability in the field.
     Enhancing quality through integrated processes for document management, conceptual design, modelling, coordination, and documentation
     Automating processes to speed up data interchange and decrease design time.
     Centralization of all project data for rapid, convenient, and controlled information transfer that will cut down on errors and rework.

Business Outcome

Describe how the Autodesk Solution(s) and Provider Services delivered have been most successful considering the featured customer’s priority business requirements and critical workflows.

Similar to the transition from paper and pencil blueprints to computer-aided design (CAD) drawings, the industry is making a radical leap that will have a significant impact on productivity and quality in every aspect of a project with Building Information Modelling (BIM).

5D VDC banks on advanced BIM systems and tools, going well beyond simply implementing new technology. The focus is on data-driven project collaboration, in which all project participants work together to deliver a project that is within the owner’s specifications in terms of scope, cost, and timeline.

5D VDC thus assists project participants in collaborating in a common language where all pertinent information is obvious and readily available. Problems are dealt with proactively and collaboratively, resulting in improved productivity, efficiency, speed, and resource optimization for the client.


Describe what made the engagement unique and impactful for the customer. Best practice to feature a customer testimonial quote, key learning from the project experience and/or other noteworthy outcome.

By utilizing the many benefits of advanced 3D modelling and end-to-end BIM services, 5D VDC was able to address the inherent challenges faced by the Wallfort Group in their construction projects. They also helped deliver a significantly improved design workflow management framework within a muchreduced time and cost stipulation.

The engagement was unique and significant for the client because of a transparent approach with welldefined project goals and standards, a skilled and tech-savvy 5D VDC team, and the utilization of cuttingedge tech tools including Autodesk Construction Cloud and Autodesk Assemble System.

“As the advantages of construction projects are becoming better known in the industry, owners are demanding that uniquely complex projects be completed in less time than ever before,” shares Santosh Dhal, Project Head – Wallfort Heights. “ Click To Tweet

With these aspirations, designers, general contractors, specialty
contractors, fabricators, and other partners will soon find that the only way to survive the evolution will be to implement VDC and other new methods for approaching projects,” he adds.